• Health and Safety Procedures

    1.  Keep your child home if showing signs of illness. 

    2.  Complete your health screening every morning. 

    3.  Sign your child's COVID-19 testing consent form or fill it out on your New York City Schools Account (NYCSA).

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • Check Out Our Safety Precautions!


    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • NYCSA Accounts are Necessary for All Families!

    First time users need an access code - get it from your child's teacher.

    OSIS numbers appear on old report cards. 

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
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  • First Day of School!

    Please arrive by 8am.  Children SHOULD NOT bring all of their supplies on this day.  Send only what your children can carry in their backpacks - they can bring it in little by little. 

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Rosh Hashanah

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Rosh Hashanah

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Yom Kippur

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Indigenous People/Italian Heritage

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • Literary Character Day!

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Election Day

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
  • No School, Veteran's Day

    P.S. 128K Bensonhurst
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School Day Schedule


Students who wish to eat breakfast at school may enter through the auditorium entrance. 


Doors are closed at this time in order to prepare for morning entry.  Any students arriving at this time should wait outside until the doors reopen at 8:00am.  Students who wish to get a breakfast will be given one at 8:00am.


Students should arrive with a completed Health Screening.

Grade K will enter through the cafeteria doors (to the left of the main entrance).

Grades 1 and 2 will enter through the staircase doors (to the left of the cafeteria doors).

Grades 3-5 will enter through the auditorium doors (the last doors to the left).

All students will be dismissed at 2:20pm


School Lunch Menus

Nutrition is Priceless: Free lunch for all students

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